Features videos with recycling and waste facts, tips, games and ways to make a difference. Also includes lots of links to recycling and sustainability sites.

Provides climate change calculator. Also has fun activities targeting grades K – 6.

Information on Arbor Day including facts, tips, how to celebrate and ways to make a difference.

Tells about the cool things kids are doing to make a difference. Appropriate for a variety of ages and grades. Filled with online games and educational activities, and shares opportunities to volunteer.

Information and statistics about building green schools.

Ever wonder what your carbon footprint is and how you can measure it? This site allows your students to measure their carbon footprint and discover their impact on the Earth. Also includes helpful information on global warming, ways to go green and more.

Great environmental activities for both teachers and kids.

This printable wheel activity is a great way for students to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions and learn how to reduce them at the same time.

Learn more about climate change with the help of kid-friendly graphics and explanations. There's also a list of things kids can do to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Talks about the recycling process and solid waste management. Includes recycling facts and figures.

(EPA site) Environmental Kids Club with an abundance of information about the environment (water, plants, animals, etc.) as well as environmental games to play. Visit the Science Room, Art Room, Kids section, and teacher sections.

Resource for educators who wish to teach about the environment (lesson plans, activities, free EPA materials, etc.)

Creative and fun ideas for recycling trash into crafts.

Includes fun activity pages mostly about animals. Geared toward younger grades.

Information and statistics about building green schools.

Environmental activities for kids—participate in the Recycle Round Up, the Pollution Patrol, or other activities.

Directions on how to plant a tree.

Provides a free environmental education curriculum for all ages. Covers education topics such as conservation, endangered species, rainforests, forests, toxic waste sites, health issues, ecological concerns etc. (includes activities, games and music.)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences web site. Includes kids' recycling page packed with tips, facts and ways to make a difference.

Provides a printable fun homework recycling challenge project for kids.

Natural Resource Defense Council site dedicated to teaching kids about the relationship between their schools and the environmental and health issues (targets grades 5 - 8.)

Abundance of fun, interactive games teaching kids about the environment, recycling and waste. Provides lesson plans as well.

Interesting facts and statistics about all kinds of recycling.

Print or e-mail a letter to your mayor asking him or her to join the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement.

Students can take this fun quiz to find out just how green they really are.

Lexus is awarding $1 million in scholarships and grants to middle- and high- school students to help develop and implement innovative environmental programs that impact communities on a grassroots level.

The Teacher's Guide—Recycling activities and lesson plans created by teachers.

Tiki the penguin teaches kids about the changing climate and global warming, as well as provides tips for what you can do to make a positive impact on your environment.

Use this greenhouse gas equivalencies calculator to help students visualize reductions in greenhouse gas emissions in ways that are much easier to conceptualize, like equivalent number of cars not driven for one year or number of trees planted.

Solve a local environmental issue with an innovative solution. You could win a trip to New York City, where you'll share your innovation with a real scientist who will talk to you about bringing your ideas to life.