Program Tips

Here are a few tips to make the Elmer's Glue Crew Recycling Program® more fun, more interactive and more successful for your classroom and your school:

1  Feel free to let other teachers know that they can include their glue bottles and glue sticks in your collection.

1  Use the projects we've provided under the Classroom Resources page to help teach your students about recycling.

1  Have a contest to see who can collect the most empty Elmer's glue bottles and glue sticks from other students in the building or bring the most from home.

1  Coordinate a field trip to a local recycling facility to learn about the process of recycling.

1  Teach your students ways to be "earth friendly" – riding their bikes, recycling at home, ask parents to use paper instead of plastic at the grocery store or using leftover products for other things (pop bottle bottoms for planters).

1  Assign a new "Recycling Coordinator" each month to help you prepare/lead the class project, wash out bottles and sticks and make a tally of how many they have recycled so far.